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Veteran Service Officer



VSO can stand for Veteran Service Organization or Veteran Service Officer. Organizations include the American Legion (DSO), VFW, AmVets and VVA. VS Officers are employed by such organizations in addition to government agencies under county (CVSO), state (IDVA), and national (VA) jurisdictions and/or institutions. 

These individuals typically handle claims and only that. They are accredited to handle them and paid to do so.


The American Legion has VSO's at the Post level, sometimes referred to as PSO, that are volunteers whose job it is to bridge the gap where the others fall short. These individuals act as Veteran Advocates who are aware of Resources you might not be and are motivated solely to help Veterans.

Post VSO's are only limited by their time allotted to the job, experience in the field, their desire to help Veterans, and resources within their field of knowledge.

Post Level VSO's do not file claims or monitor status but can help you strategize and answer many of your claim related questions. The Noblesville Post VSO no longer handles financial assistance claims but can guide you to someone who will.

In many cases the only things you will need is a phone number, a computer, an email address, and a level of comfort with the internet. Some still use paper forms.

In order to receive help you will be required to prove your Veterans Status and characterization of discharge. You do NOT need to be a Legion member to receive help.

VSO - Veteran Service (Organization)(Officer)

DSO - Department Service Officer

CVSO - County Veteran Service Officer (Appointed)

PVSO/PSO - Post (Veteran) Service Officer

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Please take a look around this page for what you are seeking. If you have additional questions or need something that isn't listed, feel free to reach out. My phone number and email aren't listed by design so please fill out a request and it will find its way to me. I will reach out to you within 3 hours or up to 90 business days depending on priority, previously submitted requests, and my schedule.

VSO Resources.

The information listed below may or may not be exclusive to Indiana or Indiana Veterans.
These resources range from Government Agencies to Non-profit Organizations

VSO Resources

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Service Dogs / Emotional Support Animals

Pets Healing Vets

Temporary Financial Assistance:

American Legion: (at participating Legion Post's)

Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs



Networking / Online Communities / Social Media for Veterans





Veterans Court

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VSO Resources

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It is important to know there are TWO distinct VA Systems and that they DO NOT communicate with each other.

1 - VAMC - Medical/Healthcare

2 - VBA - Benefits/Claims


Who can represent you?

- Yourself

- A person who works for an organization

- A Service organization

- A company that specializes in claims (can be costly)

- Lawyer / Law Firm (can be costly)

Commonly Used Forms

Use this to figure out what form you need...

Use this to ensure you have the most update to date version of the form...

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Section 2

Presumptive Conditions

There are lists of health conditions based on where and when you served that the VA presumes (or assumes) you may have now or in the future. This is most commonly associated with exposure to substances like herbicides (Agent Orange), burn pits, airborne hazards, radiation, contaminated water exposure, Gulf War-related exposures, Project 112, Project SHAD, mustard gas, lewisite, asbestos, hexavalent chromium, sulfer fires, waste incinerator pollutants, and other exposures

The PACT Act... shortened from

Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson Honoring our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics (PACT) Act of 2022

expands Presumptive Conditions & Locations to include expanded benefits for Gulf War era and Post 9/11 Veterans. It also adds to previous era Veterans presumptive conditions and locations.

To learn more...

Navy Soldier


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