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Guide to play Euro betting in football for newplayer

Euro betting is an extremely enticing form of entertainment due to the fierce competition of the odds provided by bookmakers and the attractive, high-value prizes. However, to win in this game, you need how to understand over under a lot of knowledge and skills in football.

What is Euro betting?

Euro betting is a highly engaging form of entertainment where players predict the outcome of football matches in the UEFA European Championship. Players who make correct predictions will receive a prize from the bookmaker. In the event of incorrect predictions, players will lose the entire amount they bet. The Euro is held every 4 years alternately with the World Cup, gathering football teams from the European region, making the outcomes of matches difficult to predict and the matches themselves highly captivating. The intensity and suspense in each match peak, creating a great attraction for players.

Therefore, in each European football season, there is a large number of bookmakers and players participating. Euro betting has become popular among football enthusiasts, offering various odds for selection, such as European odds (1×2), Asian handicap odds, card odds, score odds, corner kick odds, etc. This variety allows bettors to have more diverse choices.

Popular types of Euro betting odds

If you want to win when participating in Euro betting, you first need to understand the main types of odds as well as the subsidiary odds provided by reputable bookmakers. Here are some of the most popular Euro betting odds that you can refer to:

European odds betting

With this type of betting, players do not need to be concerned about the exact score but rather focus on predicting the outcome of the match, whether it's a win, loss, draw, or the odds. It's also essential to consider the initial amount of money placed as a bet. The calculation for winnings and losses in this type of betting is as follows:

Winnings = amount of money placed as a bet x (odds - 1)

Losses = amount of money placed as a bet

For example, if the bookmaker's odds are 1.5 and you bet $100, then the potential winnings if you win would be $100 x (1.5 - 1) = $50, while the amount lost if you lose the bet would be $100.

European odds are represented as 1X2, where:

1 represents the home team. Betting on this option means predicting that the home team will win, resulting in winnings for you. Conversely, if the away team wins, you lose the bet.

X represents a draw, meaning you predict the final result of the match will be a tie. You'll win if you bet on this option and the match ends in a draw.

2 represents the away team. If you place a bet here and the away team wins, you'll receive significant winnings.

Euro betting on Over/Under

Over/Under betting, also known as Total Goals betting, requires players to predict whether the total number of goals scored will be more or less than the number set by the bookmaker. On the Euro betting board, the number of goals set by the bookmaker can have various variations like 0.5, 1.5, 3.5, etc., with the most common being 2.5.

Players only have two choices: over or under the bookmaker's set number, making this type of betting very popular and suitable for newcomers to betting. However, you won't know the exact score until the football match has concluded, so you'll need to spend a considerable amount of time analyzing the match's progress.

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Half-time betting

The traditional way of betting, which involves wagering throughout the full 90 minutes of a match, has been popular among enthusiasts for many years. However, the duration of such matches is quite long, and not everyone has the patience or time to watch from start to finish. In such instances, half-time betting is the most suitable option for players.

Instead of following the entire 90 minutes of play, bettors only need to focus on either the first or second half, totaling 45 minutes. Once the halftime result is announced, players can choose to stop watching and return to their tasks or relax and unwind.

Asian Handicap Betting

Asian Handicap betting is the most basic type of Euro betting with the largest participation rate. Within Asian Handicap betting, there are various smaller bet types such as level ball betting, 1.4 handicap betting, ½ handicap betting, 1.5 handicap betting, and so on.

Handicap odds are used in Euro football matches when there is a certain difference in strength between the two teams, such as star power, team lineup, injury status, performance, or home advantage. These odds help to level the playing field for both teams when players bet on Euro matches.

First Goal Scorer Betting

This is one of the subsidiary but highly enticing Euro betting options. You have to predict and place bets on a player whom you think will have the ability to score the first goal in the match. Additionally, players can also choose to bet on the scenario of "No goal scorer" within the specified time frame. If the result is a goalless draw, you win the bet. Some important points to remember are:

The first goal scorers are usually players in good form who play in the highest position in the lineup.

If betting on a player sitting on the bench or substituted after the first goal, most bookmakers will refund the bet.

Corner Kick Betting

Instead of researching team lineups, player form, analyzing the situation of both teams to predict the outcome, with corner kick betting, you only need to predict how many corner kicks will be taken. If the two teams have a significant difference in strength and one team continuously attacks the other, then the number of corner kicks during the match is likely to be high. You can participate in betting on the total number of corner kicks taken in the first half, second half, or the entire match.

Booking Betting

In evenly matched games, avoiding collisions or fouls is quite difficult. With this type of Euro betting, players need to predict how many booking cards will be issued to players from both teams. Similar to corner kick betting, you can participate in booking betting for the first half, second half, or the entire match. With this type of betting, players need football tips website to find out if there are any players in the team who play too aggressively and are often penalized. This will be an aspect that many players need to pay attention to when predicting bets.

Above are the most popular types of Euro betting in football betting that many reputable bookmakers are currently organizing. Each type of Euro betting has its own advantages and interesting aspects, so it is important to thoroughly research to participate according to your own needs.


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