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Explore the Exciting World of Number Matka at BK8

Number Matka is a relatively new concept in the realm of betting in Vietnam. It revolves around a lottery-style game that generates random number sequences, allowing players to indulge in predictions and seek their fortunes. Combining entertainment with the potential for substantial profits, it has become a popular choice for many.

Have you heard of the game Number Matka yet? Let bk8 Sports guide you through this fascinating world of betting games in the following article!

Number Matka:

A Brief Overview Number Matka is a traditional betting game created by Kalyanji Bhagat, an Indian originator. Known by various names, in India, it's referred to as Satta Matka or Ankada Jugar.

Over the years, Number Matka has undergone several transformations. Originally, the game involved drawing random slips from a clay pot (in Hindi, 'Matka' means clay pot), although the game no longer uses clay pots, it retains the term "Matka" in its name.

The game involves predicting a lucky number that matches the number on the drawn slip, offering players a chance to win.

Gameplay Instructions: Rules of the Game: Number Matka utilizes three spinning wheels (or Ru-let 3 wheels) stacked within each other, with the outer wheel larger than the inner one. Each wheel is divided into 10 sections, numbered randomly from 0 to 9.

The three wheels spin independently, and when they stop, the three numbers aligned in the middle position (marked initially with an arrow) form a three-digit number. The number on the largest wheel corresponds to the hundreds place, the middle wheel corresponds to the tens place, and the smallest wheel corresponds to the units place.

Players make predictions based on their intuition, guessing whether the result will be even or odd, high or low, falling within a specific range, or even predicting the exact number.

Depending on the difficulty of the prediction, players are rewarded accordingly. The lower the odds, the higher the potential winnings.

Types of Bets: Even Number Bet: Predicting that the result will be an even number. The units place (on the smallest wheel) will be 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8.

Example: If the result is numbers like 128, 534, 022, the player wins with an even bet.

Odd Number Bet: Similar to the even bet, but predicting an odd number. The units place of the result will be 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9.

Example: When betting odd and the result is numbers like 123, 479, 621, the player wins.

Big Bet: Predicting that the result will fall within the range from 500 to 999.

Example: For numbers like 519, 674, 952, those betting on 'Big' win.

Small Bet: Predicting that the result will fall within the range from 000 to 499.

Example: For numbers like 005, 236, 451, those betting on 'Small' win.

** It can be seen that with Even/Odd and Big/Small bets, the odds of winning are 50/50. Therefore, they are the most popular choices for many players, offering moderate but consistent wins.

Three-Number Bet: Predicting that the result will fall within a certain range among the 10 possible ranges. These ranges are evenly distributed from the 1000 possible outcomes of the result (from 000 to 999).

In this betting type, players have a 10% chance of winning.

Two-Number Bet: Similar to the three-number bet, but focusing only on the last two digits (the tens and units places). For example, if the result is 351, only the digits 51 are considered.

Players predict which two-digit number the result will fall into, with a 10% chance of winning each option.

One-Number Bet: In this type of bet, players predict only the units place of the result. There are 10 possible outcomes, ranging from 0 to 9. Players win if the units place matches their bet.

Exact Number Bet: Players predict the exact result of the spin, choosing from one of 1000 possible numbers from 000 to 999. Players only win if the result exactly matches their prediction.

** As known, the Number Matka game generates up to 1000 possible combinations. Therefore, the chances of winning with this type of bet are extremely low. However, the rewards are exceptionally high. So, if you're confident in your luck, it's worth a try.

Gameplay Instructions: Bet Odds: Even/Odd Bet: 1:0.95 When winning with either Even or Odd bets, players are rewarded at odds of 0.95 times the bet amount.

Example: If you bet 100 on Even, and the result is 368, you win and receive a 95 bonus.

Big/Small Bet: 1:0.95 As the odds of winning are the same, Big or Small bets are rewarded similarly to Even/Odd bets. When betting 1, players win 0.95 if successful.

Three-Number Bet: 1:8 When betting on a specific range and the result falls within that range, players win and receive a reward that is eight times their bet amount.

Example: If you bet 10,000 on the range 100 – 199 and the result is 177, you win, receiving 80,000 (excluding the bet amount).

Two-Number and One-Number Bets: 1:8 Similar to the Three-Number bet, the odds of winning for Two-Number and One-Number bets are also 10%. The only difference lies in the predicted range. Therefore, when betting 1, you receive 8 when successful.

Example: A player bets 10 on the range 20 – 29, and the result is 328. They win the bet (as 28 falls within the predicted range), receiving 80, which is credited to the winner's account.

Exact Number Bet: 1:950 No other betting game can match Number Matka in terms of these incredibly high odds. When players predict the result accurately, they receive a reward that is multiplied up to 950 times their bet amount.

Example: If the player predicts the number 238, and the result matches, they win 950 with a 1 bet.

Reward Redemption: The method of rewarding in the Number Matka game depends on the chosen betting type. When winning, the bonus is immediately credited to the player's account before starting a new round.

Players can review their win/loss history in the 'History' section to reconcile with the rewarded amount. This amount can be converted into real money at any time.

However, remember to place your trust in reputable platforms, such as BK8, to ensure transparency and prompt reward processing.

How to Join the Number Matka Game at BK8:

Step 1: Access the gaming system of BK8.

Step 2: Log in if you're already a BK8 member. If not, please bk8 sign up guide to become a member to play Number Matka along with many other 3D games. The registration process is as follows: Click on the "REGISTER" button, then complete the required information in the registration form, including providing contact information and login credentials.

Step 3: Let's bk8 deposit methods to place bets when playing the Ru-let 3-wheel game, through methods such as bank transfer; e-wallets; phone card; cryptocurrency; or fast payment via QR code, etc.

Step 4: Enter the game as follows: Find the Menu bar, then select "3D GAMES," and click on "NUMBER MATKA."

Once the game interface opens, choose one of the four rooms (Common, Newbie, Expert, or Master), depending on your risk tolerance and budget.


Number Matka is a simple number game that requires no special skills to win. It's suitable for leisure time and entertainment.

However, if you have expertise and know-how to use strategies to play effectively, you'll find that this is also a great game for making money. Wish you all happy gaming and big wins!

Tips for Players: For betting games in general and Number Matka in particular, there's no formula that guarantees you'll always win. It depends on how lucky you are. However, there are still some tips that can help you increase your chances and minimize risks when participating in betting on numbers in this game.

Choose a reputable and reliable website to play Number Matka online. Understand the win/loss ratios of each betting type to have a suitable strategy. Choose to bet on groups with a 50/50 winning probability rather than those with only a 10% or even 0.1% chance. Keep your betting amount at a small level to match your personal budget. Play the numbers you like and stop if luck doesn't smile on you today. When you win, enjoy it. Don't rely on a lucky streak. Take your winnings and come back to play in future sessions.

Overall, Number Matka offers a thrilling betting experience with the potential for substantial rewards. As with any form of betting, it's essential to play responsibly and within your means. Good luck!


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